Polígono de Cros, Cantabria
Natural resources

Sustainable exploitation of natural resources is the alternative to their depletion and the impoverishment of human society. Economic activities using living resources, both recreational and professional, face great challenges and uncertainties when knowledge of the organisms and processes involved is insufficient. This also affects the aquaculture sector, which is in a phase of intense development and growth.
At ECOHYDROS we work to provide managers and users with innovative and efficient techniques to improve profitability without endangering the resource itself and the ecosystems. The knowledge acquired is directly translated into practical tools for sustainable management, which in turn allow us to test new lines and business models for living resources.

5 Technical Assistance in inland, marine and coastal waters
1 R&D&I project

en 2015 - 2018

· Estudio bionómico del entorno de cabo Roche (entre cabo de Trafalgar e islote de Sancti Petri)
· Estudio topobatimetrico en la playa de “El Puntal” Santander

· Realización de batimetría en el embalse “mar de Ontígola” (Aranjuez)

· Actualización de informe sobre los caudales a mantener en el tramo inferior del río Navia

· Desarrollo de tecnología AMTI para el cultivo de algas en plantas de acuicultura convencionales. La biotecnología como instrumento para una acuicultura rentable y circular (i+D+i)
· Propuesta de caudales de avenida para la presa de Itoiz, río Irati (Navarra)
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Advanced ecology
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