[ Cantabrian biotechnology shines in Boston ]

Our main objective is to execute successfully the first commercial agreements and to do it in a highly satisfactory way for the clients and usuaries. [Dr. Agustín Monteoliva, General Manager ECOHYDROS ]

Within the study of aquatic ecosystems, applications range from the detection and monitoring of species of interest to Public Administrations in the management of environmental problems, to bringing technology closer to the citizen.

ECOHYDROS already has its first commercial agreements with national entities, as is the case of the Junta de Castilla y León for the search for giant pearl-mussels in the Ebro of Burgos (náyade in critical danger of extinction throughout its Iberian range). We are also working on projects for the early detection of zebra mussels in the waters of the Ebro district.

The stewardship of MIT, beyond being a mission of a commercial nature, will be decisive in giving commercial form and strengthening the initiative to use eDNA for the management of the freshwater and marine natural environment. Validating the technique, and contributing to its technical acceptance and subsequent to its habitual use in conservation and monitoring of the natural environment.

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MIT is considered one of the best universities in the world and is a referent in research activity and capacity. It has 76 Nobel laureates among its researchers and faculty. His important research activity in Health Sciences has placed him at the forefront of the planet.

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