Environmental genetics

Genetics offers many possibilities in the study of ecosystems, standing out against other techniques for their high reliability in the detection and identification of species. The use of environmental DNA (eDNA) makes it possible to genetically detect species present in aquatic ecosystems, with high sensitivity and precision, without the need to capture or damage them, even when the species are in a low proportion. This makes it the ideal technique for biosafety studies, e.g. early warning of invasive or pathogenic species, as well as for the study and monitoring of protected or endangered species.

In ECOHYDROS we have geneticists who can advise you on the use of eDNA, and also other techniques with which you can approach aquatic ecosystems through population studies, genetic variability, hybridization, etc… From ECOHYDROS we offer solutions adapted to all needs and we have the genetic tools that will allow you to explore with precision the ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.