The management of ecosystems and natural resources implies in certain cases the need to act to correct a damage, reverse a trend or protect a species, enclave or ecosystem. Both human activities that directly transform the natural environment (works and exploitation of water and mineral or living resources) and those that affect ecosystems in a more delayed manner (climate change, introduction of invasive species, etc.) may require corrective, palliative or compensatory measures. Since dynamic processes are affected in all cases, these measures must be adaptive and efficient.

ECOHYDROS prioritizes knowledge of the key elements as the basis for ecosystem management, using that knowledge and access to new technologies to act efficiently and minimally invasive. Solutions are offered that intervene on certain organisms by means of electrical techniques for capturing, guiding and rescuing fish or the fight against harmful algae and invasive microorganisms by means of ultrasound. In application of the concept of biomanipulation, species control/erradication techniques are virtually tested and others are applied that favour the implantation of certain groups of organisms to restore trophic networks or functionalities (controlled wetlands, floating islands, bioremediation).