“The limnological works carried out by ECOHYDROS S.L. during the summers of 2017 and 2018 indicate that there are solid indications that the Laguna Negra de Soria may be suffering a change of trophic state..”

In 2016 an episode of intense algal growth was detected, with strong green colouring of the water, which led to the launch of an investigation to clarify its causes and to have data on the possible eutrophication process.
During 2017 and 2018, 7 limnological sampling campaigns (physical-chemical in situ sampling and sampling), hydrochemical analyses, phytoplankton analysis, quantitative evaluation of fish populations, bathymetric survey (on bottom types, which has allowed a correct cubing of the lagoon and the different benthic habitats) and biogeochemical simulation of the lagoon and testing of hypotheses on its response to various external changes have been carried out.

Conclusions indicate that there are indications that Laguna Negra may be suffering a change in trophic status as a result of the phytoplankton growth episodes observed in 2016. Although the trophic state according to the data collected in the controls carried out in this study is “…”, it is not the same as “…”Oligotrophy according to nutrients and “Mesotrophy” according to algal biomass indicators.


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