[ Professional diving in the river Ebro of Burgos to locate shells ofMargaritifera auricularia]

During the week of 8 to 11 July, field work was carried out to locate signs or live naiads of the species studied, with the participation of professional divers, in deep waters (up to 9.8 m) of the Ebro riverbed in the Miranda de Ebro T.M. (Burgos).

” Study for the improvement of the knowledge of the population situation of Margaritifera auricularia in Castilla y León. EN04-19 ”

With these equipment the diver underwater breathes air that reaches through an umbilical tube to the mask or headset, and also contains audio and video transmission lines. This allows the monitoring from the shore and in real time of the same visual that has the diver, so you can advise or direct the search for objects to be recognized at the bottom of the river. In our case the shells or live pearl-mussels, and indirectly it is possible through the recording of this videographic material to make an indirect determination of the composition of the bottoms, as well as the determination or the count of invasive species that can cover the submerged elements and the own bed of the channel.