[ II Workshop bianual monitoring lake Sanabria]

The 2nd coordination meeting of all the working groups involved in the biannual monitoring of Lake Sanabria was held at the CEDEX offices in Madrid in April 2019, with the participation of the Water Commissioner of the Duero Hydrographic Confederation as the entity responsible.

The work carried out and preliminary data obtained in the project were analysed, as well as the expected results and the timetable for the completion of the data processing and the generation of project conclusions. Presentation of observed trends and hypotheses in the overall functioning of the lake and its basin based on the results of the project developed in the period 2016-18.
The meeting was attended by a total of 33 experts who have collaborated on different objectives addressed by the different working groups, including the company ECOHYDROS S.L., which, together with IFCA-CSIC, carries out various tasks of modelling and understanding the functioning model of the lake ecosystem.

Several papers demonstrating these technical works were presented in Madrid on 8-9 April 2019.

Dr. Agustín Monteoliva during the presentation of the high resolution digital bathymetric model and the hydrographic basin model; fundamental for the compression of the hydrodynamic modeling of the lake. The preliminary results of the thematic mapping of submerged macrophytes (VAS), among other works, were also presented.

As a preview of the results of the definitive models that will be concluded in the coming months, technical summary reports have been drawn up on the different aspects dealt with by each research team. They can be consulted on the AELS project website

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