[ EOSC Hub echoes the CYBERHAB project in Cuerda del Pozo ]

Using Cloud Data Services to Manage
harmful algal blooms

Harmfull Algae Blooms (HABs) occur when toxic microalgae proliferate uncontrollably and seize rivers, lakes or ponds, causing costly environmental and socio-economic impacts, for example on fisheries or the availability of drinking water. In the sea, this event causes the so-called red tides.

These microalgae blooms are caused by a combination of meteorological, hydrodynamic and biogeochemical factors that are difficult to determine with certainty. For these reasons, the management of HABs is a challenge for local governments, environmental agencies and people who depend on quality water bodies for maintenance. Despite investment in waste management and control systems, current methods and processes are far from ideal.

ECOHYDROS S.L. makes a commitment to the future through the deployment of new technologies and analysis of large amounts of data can pave the way for a better and more efficient management of harmful algal blooms.