11,258 scientists from 158 countries sign a document to alert society to the dangers that await us in the coming decades as a result of the catastrophes caused by Climate Change and the urgency of combating it in order to lessen its impact on human society.

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency

Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it is. On the basis of this obligation and the graphical indicators presented below, we declare, with more than 11,000 signatory scientists from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.

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· European Parlament declares climate emergencybefore COP25 (Madrid 2-13 December)

· EU launches zero-emission strategy for three days ahead of MadridCOP25 summit #TiempoDeActuar

Science is certainly built on doubt, but also on evidence. On the contrary, the denial of climate change does not bring much knowledge and makes our planet and our societies more fragile.

That is why several ECOHYDROS specialists are included in the list of signatories.