CHD acquires a new bathymetry model for the Biannual Limnological Monitoring of Lake Sanabria

December 2018- “New digital bathymetric model -MDB- for Lake Sanabria (Zamora), the only glacial lake in the Iberian Peninsula.”

A very high resolution bathymetric coverage has been obtained over a total of 3,536,486 m2 (about 354 ha), corresponding to an altitude of 1,004.1 m. A maximum depth of 49.91 m was measured in the southeastern basin, and the calculated mean depth is 28.03 m. With these data it is calculated that the volume of Lake Sanabria is 99,114.45 m3 (about 99.1 hm3 in maximum filling).

The maximum depth is now established with greater precision at 49.91 m in the southeast basin, compared to 51 m in the previous survey, although the comparison is not direct as the exact reference level for the previous data is not available. A vertical oscillation of the lake water sheet close to 1 m has been verified.


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