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Environmental Genetics

- High sensitivity molecular techniques (eDNA)
- Early detection of invasive or protected aquatic species
- Early detection of pathogens and ecological status
- Monitoring, control, and surveillance of biological resources
- Biosecurity and diet studies
- Hybridisation

Advanced water ecology

Ecohydros is a company specialised in various aspects of aquatic ecology. All our services focus on the optimised and sustainable management of natural resources

We prioritise the knowledge of key elements as a basis for the management of ecosystems, in an efficient and minimally invasive way.
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At ECOHYDROS we work to provide managers and users with innovative and efficient techniques to improve profitability without endangering the resource itself and the ecosystems. See more
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Genetics offer many possibilities in the study of ecosystems, standing out from other techniques due to its high reliability in the detection and identification of species.
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We are in a constant process of technical-scientific updating to be able to offer solutions based on the knowledge of habitats and species in the aquatic environment.
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The state of health of aquatic ecosystems is directly linked to the future of the planet and of humanity itself, from the local to the global scale.
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Advanced ecology
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