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BIOMEME Inc. has developed the SARS-CoV-2 test, which allows the detection of Wuhan coronavirus in a saliva droplet sample as well in water.  

The Environmental Genetics department of Ecohydros cannot be unaware of the pathogens that develop their life cycle in water, or use it for dispersion. Taking into account that the prelude to a health problem caused by this type of organism is conditioned by its ecology, that is, its behaviour in the environment, the techniques and approaches of environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis are equally interesting and, in many cases, essential for its study.

These types of high sensitivity techniques, which do not require the direct capture of the organism, can be applied to all types of organisms and different matrices: water, sediments, or directly to body fluids and tissues, in confluence with the more classic genetic analysis techniques.

In the case of viruses, it is also possible to develop specific markers able to anneal with the genetic material of the virus and use it for detection. According to the alarm created by the spread of the virus that causes the coronavirus 2 acute respiratory syndrome, known as "COVID-19", "2019-nCoV" or "Wuhan coronavirus ", countless requests have been received by our represented BIOMEME to develop a quick detection test that can be used by non-expert technicians.

Sólo para uso de investigación

¿ How a coronavirus multiplies and spreads ?

COVID-19 coronavirus affects the airways and can cause everything from a mild case of dry cough and fever to much more serious symptoms such as acute respiratory failure and pneumonia that can lead to death. As well as others such as SARS-2002 (a serious epidemic that also evolved from China in 2002), and also other typical viruses of the common cold.

Coronaviruses have a very simple genetic material (single-stranded +RNA) and a very small size (about 120 nanometers, or about 0.0001 mm). They infect the cells of some animals (mammals and birds) and use them to multiply. And their essential form of transmission from one host to another is through small droplets of saliva or water.

Transmission between people, therefore, occurs over a short distance through the arrival of saliva droplets emitted by an infected person when coughing or sneezing.

Proceso de posible dispersión de los virus cuando los infectados (enfermos o no) tosen o estornudan.

Transmission between people occurs mainly at short distances through the arrival of saliva droplets emitted by an infected person when coughing or sneezing. And their subsequent spread to new hosts that touch surfaces that have received these virus-carrying droplets.

BIOMEME has developed the SARS-CoV-2 test
If you are interested in using it and you live in one of these countries: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain or Turkey, ECOHYDROS can give you more information about the characteristics of the test. We can help you to solve your doubts and to process your orders without additional cost.

We advise you and send information
Sólo para uso de investigación

This test, which uses the same portable qPCR system and disposable material for sample preparation, is completed in less than an hour and can be used for non-clinical or pre-clinical research purposes. Versions for different models of laboratory thermocyclers are also available.

of the SASR-CoV-2 test

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It can be used anywhere (no laboratory required) because it is a simple portable device, the size of a telephone. Very useful in remote rural areas, boats, etc.

Speed and simplicity of the method (real-time qPCR in less than 1h with an easy-to-follow kit) It does not require specially qualified personnel in health training.

It would serve for example to investigate reservoirs where the virus can spread (by taking water samples) or to locate preferred areas and routes of transmission.

And many more applications of reference still to be discovered.

Details of the trial can be found at the following link:

 eDNA is the tool for the future management of aquatic ecosystems
eDNA is the tool for the future management of aquatic ecosystems
At ECOHYDROS we are pioneers in using this technique to advise administrations concerned with the quality of aquatic ecosystems and/or protected species, and the control of invasive species. We advise you.

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Fluorometer MatrixFlu
Fluorometer MatrixFlu
matrixFlu VIS is a high-end fluorometer that combines multiple excitation and fluorescence detection wavelengths in one device with a very compact design. Equipment for fixed or floating installations, or portable for in situ measurements of algae and cyanobacteria photopigments, as well as CDOM.

If you want to know it in depth, we advise you with the support of TriOS engineers
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